Soft Cashmere Wool Acrylic Blend Pashmina Scarf, Wrap and Shawl for Woment

★Luxury yarn, blend of fine viscose, acrylic and wool. It is fantastic soft, cashmere feeling. Length Approx. 82″ with fringes (74″ + 4″ fringes each side) / width Approx 27″. Big size, middle weight for all season. rapes nicely and stays wrinkle free. Rolls up and fits in your bag easily.
★Ideal as a wrap for a wedding or evening event and great as a warm scarf during cold months. Perfect for chilly evenings or air-conditioned places (office, church, airplane, theater, restaurant, supermarket and cruise travel) when you need a little extra warmth.
★This shawl wrap may be worn as a bridal, bridesmaid’s pashmina or as a beautiful complement to a guest’s formal outfit. Making a lovely gift idea for an anniversary, wedding ceremony, birthday party or leaving present. Pashmina scarf is perfect for any season, event or occasion!

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